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Crimes of the “Art”

Lost manuscripts, stolen paintings, forged masterpieces. Crimes of the “art” are a perennial favorite, and we love to take part in them as readers.

Perhaps a love of books makes us fascinated by mysteries and crimes that involve books themselves. Perhaps we all dream of finding the never-before-seen novel, or discovering that our thrift-store canvas is actually worth millions…

Reading Group Choices has assembled a list of reads that focus on literary and artistic crimes. Stories of black markets and priceless treasures, great fakes and people who may not be who they seem. They raise good questions about what’s real and what isn’t,

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RGC Authors Featured on TTBOOK

Interviews With RGC-Recommended Authors on TTBOOK

TTBOOKTo The Best of Our Knowledge (TTBOOK), a Wisconsin Public Radio show, has featured a host of RGC Authors who’ve come to town to read at our home base, 702WI.

Go deeper in the world of each book and the creative process of each author by reading articles about the authors and listening as host Anne Strainchamps conducts insightful interviews.

Animals Strike Curious Poses

Animals Strike Curious Poses
by Elena Passarello

Read “

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Top Ten Read Books from RGC 2017

Our 2017 survey results are in and along with our readers’ favorite books of the year, we have a list of the top ten read books specifically from Reading Group Choices 2017.

Has your group read all of these terrific books yet?

1. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katrina Bivald


A heartwarming reminder of why we are booklovers, this is a sweet, smart story about how books find us, change us, and connect us.


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Adding a Touch of Poetry to Your Prose

Memoir and Novel Selections for National Poetry Month

It’s National Poetry Month! But book groups may be asking: what does that have to do with us? Here’s an idea that involves adding a bit of poetry to your prose reading—without the rhyme schemes.

Poetry has a reputation for being difficult to understand: too much concentration for too little reward. And book groups might struggle to know where to begin when discussing poetry, because the things they usually talk about—plot, character, theme—may not appear so directly. Besides, how do you begin to discuss a collection of dozens of poems?

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Why Book Groups Should Read Poetry

Expand your Reading Repertoire with Poetry

For even the most avid readers, the prospect of delving into poetry can be intimidating…but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a list of where you might begin, from poet Matthew Zapruder’s convincing argument as to why reading poetry is important, to some of the most breathtaking, beautiful, and bold poetry books published in recent years.

To get started, select a book and then check out our suggestions for how to introduce poetry into your reading group and spark discussion.

Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder

In Why Poetry,

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Fiction, Meet Nonfiction

Perfect Pairings of Cross-Genre Reads

Think of great pairings in the world, such as red wine with steak, hot chocolate with snowstorms, Simon with Garfunkel. Each one alone is fine, but the combination creates something new and different.

The same is true for reading groups. We often limit our book choices to one genre or the other, fiction or nonfiction. But one way to enrich your group’s discussion is to read a novel alongside a work of nonfiction, whether a biography, cultural study, or even the author’s own memoir or journals.

Nonfiction can expand our understanding of a novel: how it fits into an author’s life,

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