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Reading Group Choices Q&A with Min Jin Lee

National Book Award Finalist Min Jin Lee is the author of two novels.

Lee’s latest book, Pachinko, charts the saga of four generations of a poor immigrant Korean family.

Min Jin Lee recently visited 702WI, the home of Reading Group Choices, to read and discuss her work with an audience. Min took the time to join us for a Q&A, sharing life-changing books, her favorite bookstore, and the best part of giving readings.

702WI: What book(s) changed your life?​
Min Jin Lee: Middlemarch by George Eliot and The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

702WI: What book(s) are coming out this year that you’re looking forward to reading?

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Reading Group Choices Q&A with Lorna Landvik

Lorna LandvikLorna Landvik is the author of eleven novels.

Landvik’s latest novel, Once in a Blue Moon Lodge, is a sequel to her debut, Patty Jane’s House of Curl.

Lorna Landvik recently visited 702WI, the home of Reading Group Choices, to read and discuss her work with an audience. Lorna also took the time to answer our Q&A and she shared life-changing books, Norwegian curse words, her favorite bookstore, and what she finds most fascinating in the world of science. 

RGC: What book changed your life?​
Lorna Landvik: It would have to be Dick and Jane,

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RGC’s Interview with Megan Stielstra

Megan Stielstra makes us want to hang out with her even more by answering our questions about fear, parenting, and her current projects

We absolutely loved reading and discussing The Wrong Way to Save Your Life by Megan Stielstra. Thank you for writing it!

RGC Group: We noticed there were more essays that involved information about your dad, and about your relationship with your dad. Is that because you connect fear to him more to you than to your mom (due to his health and his experience with the school shooting)? 

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An American (Book Group) In Paris

American Library in ParisReading In The Shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Paris, 2017: Two blocks from the Eiffel Tower you’ll find the rue du Général Camou, and there, at number 10, the American Library in Paris. The library has existed for nearly 100 years. It was established in the days of the First World War, when it served as a resource for Americans stationed abroad.

Today it opens its doors to anyone who wishes to join, and features the largest English-language circulating collection on the European continent.

Among the benefits of membership to the library is its book clubs.

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RGC Group’s Book 5: Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller Talks About Her Inspiration for Swimming Lessons, Character Motivation, & Much More in Our Insightful Interview

RGC Book 5: Swimming Lessons by Claire FullerOur RGC group’s book 5 was Claire Fuller’s Swimming Lessons.

RGC Group: Thanks so much for answering our questions. We loved your book and we were all drawn into the story immediately. It was a fun discussion. 

RGC: Did Gil find all of the letters from Ingrid or just the portion we saw? Were there others?

Claire Fuller: Well,

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RGC Group’s Book 4

RGC Group’s Book 4:

Our RGC group’s book 4 was Claire Cameron’s The Last Neanderthal.

RGC: We all thoroughly enjoyed this book, and the conversations it sparked were so interesting! Everyone is planning to read other books related to the book and ideas, and other books mentioned in the back, which is always great to see! Thanks so much to Claire for answering our questions!

Claire Cameron: I loved this interview, thank you. It’s so much fun to be a part of a conversation.

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