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Become a Reading Group Choices Spotlight

Become a Reading Group Choices Spotlight!

Each month we feature a different group from around the world on our website and in our eNewsletter. We include a picture and description of the group, which can include the group’s history, favorite books from the year, and anything that makes the group unique. It is so fun to hear from the variety of groups that are part of the Reading Group Choices community.

To enter to become a Spotlight group, email a picture and description of your group to If your group is chosen,

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The March Spotlight Group Is …

March Spotlight:
The Saddlestone Court Ladies Social Book Club!

The March Spotlight Group is The Saddlestone Court Ladies Social Book Club!

SpotlightThe Saddlestone Court Ladies Social Book Club was formed in October 2003. Our neighborhood book club meets one evening per month in members’ homes for food, fellowship and discussion of a book.

We select books of any genre every few months, based on a vote of members’ suggestions. In April, we bring poetry to share to celebrate National Poetry Month. In December, we party and have a gift exchange of wrapped new or used books.

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The February Spotlight Group Is …

February Spotlight:
The Desert Sleuths Book Club!

The February Spotlight Group is The Desert Sleuths Book Club!

February Spotlight Group
The Desert Sleuths started a mystery book club three years ago to accommodate the gals who come to Palm Springs, CA for delightful winter weather.

We are from all over the country and Canada, and enjoy reading, discussing and laughing away an afternoon every month. We have read Defending Jacob, Room, The Husband’s Secret and Bruno, Chief of Police.

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January Spotlight

January’s Spotlight is Bookies With Class!

Our group of 11 has been together for over 12 years. We range in age from 55-80. We formed after several of the ladies became friends when attending a church-sponsored series on leading a purpose-filled life. They came up with the idea of staying in touch through a book club. I was courted (I fought the idea) by a couple of neighbors when the group was formed. I attended a meeting when it was held in one of my neighbors’ homes. My plan was to go to the meeting, and then then tell them I wasn’t interested.

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December Spotlight

December’s Spotlight is The Bees!

SpotlightThis is a photo of some of the members of our book group, The Bees. We are from Superior, MT, and we meet weekly in our small local library.

We started our group a few years ago during the libraries Summer Reading Program. We enjoyed each other’s company and sharing the love of books, so we decided to keep going.

In our group we select a genre or author for the month, and we all choose our own selection, then share our thoughts of our book with the group.

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November Spotlight

November’s Spotlight is Be Nice and Read a Book!

We are a group of six best friends (including one mother-daughter) that decided to start a book club in March, 2016. Our book club meetings have become the highlight of our month.

We love taking our monthly photo and try to be as creative as we can. LOL! In addition to our monthly meetings we have an annual overnight book club retreat, a tea, a picnic potluck, a dress up dinner party, a Halloween spaghetti dinner, and a Christmas Party. We use any excuse we can to get together and discuss our books. 

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