My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones, Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-aging

By Lauren Kessler
RodaleJune 2013

Hardcover256 pages, $24.99, ISBN: 9781609613471
Subject: Women's Lives / Biography / Personal Discovery

“Among the bazillion fascinating revelations in this book is the fact that the human smile is an anti-gravity device. So in addition to sifting through the hype and hope of the anti-aging circus, Kessler’s delightful, witty book ACTUALLY TAKES 20 YEARS OFF YOUR FACE!”Mary Roach, author of Stiff and Gulp

“Lauren Kessler’s bold, bad ass take on aging solves one of our great modern dilemmas: How to stay young and vibrant without spending the rest of our lives obsessing over how to stay young and vibrant. Both scrupulous and charming, Kessler’s book takes a machete to all the nonsense and tells you everything you need to know. I feel a decade younger just having read it.”Karen Karbo, author of How Georgia became O’Keeffe

“Lauren Kessler has journeyed to the far frontiers of the anti-aging movement and, using herself as an ever-willing guinea pig, delivers insights that are at once funny, reassuring, practical and real. If my mid-life mind could remember a danged thing, I could even tell you all about them. But one thing I can say for absolute sure: read this book!”Peggy Orenstein, author, Cinderella Ate My Daughter

“How far will you go to look and feel younger? With humor and intelligence, Lauren Kessler has conducted a scientific yet accessible road-test of virtually every anti-age trick in the contemporary canon, from superfoods (pass the goji berries, will ya?) to homeopathic protocols to hotshot detox diets. Counterclockwise is an amateur cultural anthropologist’s smart, inspiring narrative. It identifies the sensible, the ridiculous and the dangerous and ultimately teaches that your birthdate rarely reflects true age.”Sally Koslow, author of Slouching Toward Adulthood