Do you need an icebreaker for a new reading group? What to do for your book selection month or holiday party? How about something to add more excitement to one of your meetings? Play a game and not the cheesy bridal shower games! Book Group Games!

These games are perfect to get to know new members and find out something more about veteran members!

Favorite Book. Every member brings their favorite book in a bag with their name in the bag. Everyone hands their bag the hostess/host/leader (h/h/l). He/She will be the only one who knows who brought which book. (If you don’t have your favorite book – write the title of a piece of paper.) The h/h/l writes down the members names with their titles. Then, display all the books (or piece of papers) on a table and each member make a list trying to match the members and the books After everyone has completed their list, the h/h/l will announce each book and then poll the members to determine if anyone got the right person. Then, the person who brought the book reveals themselves. Continue on until all books are claimed.

Book Group Quiz. The h/h/l makes a little quiz and hands them out. Make the questions short and fun and allow maybe 10 minutes for members to answer or at least make a guess. Then read the questions aloud and have a ball sharing the answers.

Find member(s) who

Has read War and Peace.

Has been in a book group before.

Can explain the Dewey Decimal System.

Has not read Charlotte’s Web.

Can recite a poem. Request they do so.

Has written a poem or a short story.

Can remember the name of their first grade teacher.

Grew up using the bookmobile as their library

Knows the name of the protagonist in Pride and Prejudice.

Can name the Seven Dwarfs.

Has been to a book reading in the last six month.

And On and on! Be creative and, maybe, create questions specific to your group.  You can also put the questions on little scraps on paper, put them in a basket, and pass the basket.

Memory Game (This might require a little prize for the winner!)

Pick some books (5-7) and lay them on a tray for members to see and have them pass the tray around. Remove tray and books from sight and have member’s list what titles were on tray. The member that lists the most titles is the winner. You can give extra points or break ties by asking specific questions like the author of three of the books and so on.

Have Fun!

Please write to us if you have a book group game that has proven successful and fun!

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