Responses to our article on "What's in a Name?"

Reading Group Choices 2009 contained an article about book group names. We received many responses about more creative names. Here are a few of them.

Thanks to all for your thoughts and contributions!

“When we formed our group we became the Middle Pages – aged 50-60 and still going strong (wine helps)!! We do try to make our meals and décor fit the book of the month!!”

Lu-Ellen, Middle Pages, Saint Eustache, Quebec

“We are Storie delle Sorelle ... it's Italian for Stories of the Sisters.  We wanted a name that described the bond we've created through our club, yet we also wanted to be original (hence the Italian name). Thanks for the wonderful newsletters and tips!”

Heather, Storie delle Sorelle, Glen Burnie, MD

“Our book club is called the Innuendo Book Club.  As the hostess, in the room of our home where the meeting will take place, we display one or several objects that "hint" at the book.  For example, when we read Water for Elephants the hostess had a circus tent figurine on her coffee table.  This always gets a good discussion going about the book, even before we get to the questions we have printed up.”

Chris, Innuendo Book Club, New Stanton, PA

“We were just starting our book club when we had a local historian come in to our meeting to discuss her book and the history of the town that we lived in.  She commented that the property on which our homes was developed was at one time called Mission Swamp...we all looked at each other and said the "perfect" name; thus the Mission Swamp Book Club was formed.  Incidently, we really don't live on a swamp!”

Cam, Mission Swamp Book Club, Murrells Inlet, SC

“Our book group name is The Final Chapter, 9 female members ages 60 - 76, meet monthly except Jan., Feb. as some go south for the winter.  Dec. is dinner out and this year we decided instead of a gift exchange, we'll donate a book to our local library.  July and August we meet at homes of members who have a pool and have a "pool party" discussion.  We read mostly novels, some bios, poems and once - short stories.  We  have wine and snacks during discussion and dessert & coffee after.  Sometimes we have food indigenous to the country or setting of the book.  We have had 4 author chats, which always adds a special touch to our meetings.”

Dot, The Final Chapter, Lock Haven, PA

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