Discussible Choices: What Are You Reading? July 2011

Congratulations to Karen and Culpeper's Finest Book Club for winning the random drawings for this month’s Discussible Book Choice!

We enjoy hearing from book club members who share with everyone the book choices that made for lively discussions.. Please let us know what about the book contributed to your great discussion – you may win a book-related prize for every member of your reading group!

“The book that created the most spirited discussion this past year was The Time Traveler's Wife. One of our initial club rules was 'no science fiction'!  Well we broke the rule for this book and so glad we did.  It opened up our minds to reading bookstyles not in our normal libraries.”

Karen, Culpeper's Finest Book Club, Locust Grove, VA

More Discussible Book Choices

Wise Blood by Flannery O'Connor.  What can I say?  There is so much in the book that we could have taken hours to discuss it.  In fact, we did talk about the book far more than we usually do!  What were the "real" meanings of the characters and their actions?  We read passages that struck us as such beautiful writing.  So much to talk about!”

Barbara, Sturdy Shoes Book Group, Memphis, TN

“We enjoyed our experience with advance reader's copies of The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin.  The story itself was entertaining and quite pleasant, but the mores of high society from the past led to many fascinating discusssions!”

Diane, 7 at 7, Cedar Rapids, IA

“We recently read Jodi Picoult's Plain Truth. The discussion was timely, as the Casey Anthony trial had just returned a verdict. Both the book and that trial involve a dead child. Also, our club is located in the Philadelphia suburbs, close to Lancaster County, the setting of Plain Truth. While not everyone enjoyed the story, we all had a lively discussion.”

Jennifer, MPL Sunday Book Club, Broomall, PA

“We recently read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It was a very interesting discussion. She had an incredibly difficult life, but without her our lives would be very different.”

Debbie, Babes With Books, Cary, NC

“We had a great time discussing Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.  Our group is made up of mostly Southerns, so we could relate to the atmosphere of the novel.  We also had a lively disussion about the crazy neighbors.”

Shannon, Hoover Public Library Book Club, Hoover, AL

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein was a wonderful night of discussion - so many memorable characters, especially the dog!”

Paulette, Good Friends Book Club, Brookfield, WI

“My book club just finished reading Nancy Horvath's Loving Frank.  We all felt his personal life lacked ethical standards, but his genius as an architect is undeniable.   To see Wright's brilliant work in person, we drove 45 minutes from our homes to Lakeland, FL and took a tour of a little known Central Florida treasure, Florida Southern College (FSC). FSC has the largest concentration of Wright designed structures anywhere in the world with 10 buildings and two additional structures on campus, and is in the National Register of Historic Places.”

Margery, Bio Bookies, Kissimmee, FL

“We really enjoyed  Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter  by Tom Franklin.”

Sandy, Xenia Library Book Club, Xenia, OH

“Thank you for your wonderful ideas and quality books at reasonable prices.   I look forward to this e-mail each month.”

Judith, Osceola Reading Group, Ashton, IA

“Love your website!”

Cecelia, Chapter 1 Book Club, Pearl, MS

“I love hearing comments about the books you select. We are a group of seniors who love to read!”

Jane, Brentwood Community Center, Brentwood, CA