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Thank you James Hannah, author of The A to Z of You and Me for the wonderful Skype Chat with the book group The Wanderers!

The A to Z of You and Me

A Note From the Wanderers

In 2013 our ten members met at the local library and decided to organize the North Versailles Book Club. Even though we have different backgrounds (Artists, Teacher, Salesman, Homemaker, Minister, Business Owner and administrative assistant), we have one thing in common: our love of reading. Our meetings are held the first Friday of the month at a local family restaurant.

Every month we choose a genre and each member picks a book for that month. We give a short snippet of the book we read, just enough to share without spoiling the ending in case another member would like to read it. We try to hold our presentations to three minutes.

Our favorite way of choosing our book is by using Reading Group Choices.