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Books You CAN Judge by Their Cover

Books you can judge by their covers

Books with amazing cover art (whose stories are equally beautiful)…

The old adage ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ has some wisdom, yet readers are often first attracted to a book’s cover when browsing the shelves at a library or bookstore. Covers can tell a reader a lot about a book’s story, but they can also be works of art by themselves. Sometimes, a book with a beautiful story is encased by an equally beautiful cover design—a delight for both the eyes and the mind! Reading Group Choices has selected a list of books with gorgeous covers and beautiful stories to match.

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Rowing North: Lessons on Aging for Women… and Everyone

Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher

Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age, tackles the common but little-discussed topic of aging for women. And has lessons for us all about how to live a good life.

Mary Pipher is the author of several New York Times bestsellers, including books that explore the lives of women and girls, and the unique challenges of youth and aging.

Reviving Ophelia, written while her daughter was a teenager, explored the lives of teenage girls and the stresses and anxieties they face. Originally published in 1994 to great acclaim,

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Best of the Best Books 2019

Pile of books

Reading Group Choices has sorted through the numerous best book lists out there to compile our annual “best of the best” reads!

Did you read all of the books that you wanted to in 2019? If the year passed too quickly, not to worry. We searched for the fiction, nonfiction, and young adult titles we recommended in 2019 that also appeared on one (or more) of the favorite lists from:

BookRiot, Indiebound, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Parnassus Books, Powell’s, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Washington Post

Check out these best of the best books below!

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Most Popular Books 2019

Monthly calendar

In our monthly newsletter, we share the two most popular books on the Reading Group Choices site for that month. It always brings a bit of excitement, and we’ve gathered the top picks for a look back at 2019!

Here are the titles — a mix of fiction, nonfiction, and young adult — that caught our readers’ attention from January to December. Do you remember these great reads? See if they match your own group’s most popular books…


The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris is is one of our book group favorites for 2018One of our recommended books is Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher
1. Tattooist of Auschwitz
by Heather Morris


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Books to Read in One Sitting

Person reading a book in one sitting

Give yourself one afternoon…

The holiday season can be full of hustle and bustle. With so many gatherings to attend and items to cross off your to-do list, it can be difficult to carve out time to read a lengthy book. (Even though the wintry weather makes it so tempting to snuggle up with a good read by a fire!) How can you fit your reading fix into your busy schedule? Reading Group Choices has compiled a list of books that a motivated reader can finish in one sitting.

Page turners,

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Books to Read by a Fire

Reading Group Choices presents books to read by a fire

Every season has its reader (we offered up some summer picks here!), but autumn holds a special place in the heart for readers. Reading Group Choices presents this list of books to read by a fire. After the back-to-school madness, the falling temperature allows us to pull up our favorite blankets, turn off our phones, and spend a long evening in the pages of a book.

Classics, mysteries, and reflections on passing time: these titles capture the essence of fall. Build a cozy fire and thank the chilly weather for giving you a reason to stay indoors!

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