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The September Spotlight Group Is…

The Marguerites

The Marguerites all belong to a nonprofit called P.E.O. (philanthropic educational organization) which raises money for women’s education and is a life-long learning group. When the P.E.O. chapter they were in became too large to host meetings in homes, the chapter split in two but still wanted to stay connected, and so a reading group of women from both chapters was born in 2004.

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The July Spotlight Group Is…

Sassy Sisters

July Spotlight: Sassy Sisters

Our July Spotlight Group hails from Granite Bay, California!

Originally known as the Granite Bay Book Club, Sassy Sisters started meeting around January 2000.  They recently decided to call the group “Sassy Sisters” because they’re mostly LDS “sisters” who attend the same church and love to socialize. They meet once a month in a group member’s home and have evolved from having potlucks to eating at a restaurant beforehand or having dessert at the hostess’s home. They read a variety of books, including LDS literature, historical novels, fiction and non-fiction,

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The June Spotlight Groups Are…

June Spotlights:
Fresh Fiction and Page Turners

Our June Spotlight Groups both meet at Hillside Library in New Hyde Park, New York!

Fresh Fiction Book GroupFresh Fiction readers discuss recently published novels every month.  The name of the group also refers to new perspectives of seasoned authors, such as Amanda Quick’s recent foray into historical fiction, as well as unique emerging voices, like Rhiannon Navin’s Only Child.  They discuss everything from twisty psychological thrillers to adventure stories, plus more mysterious mystical tales, mysteries, and historical fiction.  Readers ask and answer questions,

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The April Spotlight Group Is…

April Spotlight:
New Friends of Northern Kentucky

The April Spotlight Group is Bookworms of Northern Kentucky!

Bookworms of Northern KentuckyThis month we’re featuring the book group Bookworms of Northern Kentucky which has been reading books together for 16 years!

Over the years, some members have changed, but they all share the same love of books and good writing. They meet monthly from September to June, at homes or the local library. They choose the year’s books every June, and everyone volunteers either to review and/or be hostesses. Their parent organization is a group of 150 women who gather monthly and choose small group activities to foster friendship and service.

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The February Spotlight Group Is…

February Spotlight:
Morsels for the Mind

The February Spotlight Group is Morsels for the Mind!

This month we’re featuring the book group Morsels for the Mind which has been reading books together for 27 years!

Morsels for the Mind is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They usually select books in January, at a potluck. Each member hosts one of the selections, researches the author, and provides food/drink that ties in with the book. They’ve discussed books in a hot tub, a red tent, and have gone on field trips and retreats together. 

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The December Spotlight Group Is…

December Spotlight:
Rio Grande and Cassino Book Clubs

The December Spotlight Groups are located in Brazil!

This month we’re featuring two book clubs, both in Brazil: the first group is in Rio Grande and meets every other Tuesday. The second is in Cassino (a beach 20 kilometers from the city) and meets every other Saturday.

These groups discuss the book they are reading, read a short story, and socialize a bit with tea, coffee and some snacks. They get together from March (end of their summer) to November (end of their spring) and the books are either chosen by the host or recommended by a member.

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