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The March Spotlight Group Is…

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in March 2020 is The Dinner and Breakfast Clubs

March 2020 Spotlight: The Dinner & Breakfast Clubs

Our March Spotlight Group members cross borders with a student group!

Portland High School has a student book club as well as a “staffulty” book club.  The students’ group is “The Breakfast Club,” as we meet in the mornings before school.  The staffulty group is “The Dinner Club” since we meet after school.  The staffulty consists of 2 librarians, 12 teachers, 2 guidance counselors, 1 retired principal, 1 retired teacher, and 1 staff member. The librarians take suggestions for what books to read and then compile the reading list for the year.

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The February Spotlight Group Is…

The Wildflowers Bookclub is the February 2020 Spotlight Group on Reading Group Choices

February 2020 Spotlight: Wildflowers Bookclub

Our February Spotlight Group members each have the name of a flower!

The Wildflowers Bookclub is comprised of 10 friends who all have chosen a flower name when we began 18 years ago: they are Rose, Magnolia, Hyacinth. Hydrangea, Lilac, Briony, Sweet Pea, Iris, Bird of Paradise, and Dahlia. We rotate turns in choosing a book. In 2019, we read Unsheltered, Educated, Born a Crime, The Island of Sea Women and seven other books!

Seven of us are retired educators and all of us are good friends!

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The January Spotlight Group Is…

Morse Lakes Ladies is the January 2020 Spotlight Group on Reading Group Choices

January 2020 Spotlight: Morse Lakes Ladies

Our January Spotlight Group hasn’t missed a monthly meeting in 17 years!

We are the Ladies of the Lake, living in Morse Lakes in Bloomingdale, NJ. We’ve just finished up
our 17th year of book club, and are eagerly awaiting the beginning of our 18th year together.

We meet on a monthly basis: the second Monday of the month is sacrosanct. We are proud to say that we haven’t missed one of our monthly meetings in the 17 years we’ve been together. We enjoy the camaraderie and thought-provoking discussions.

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The December Spotlight Group Is…

The Westmoreland Club Book Club is our December 2019 Spotlight Group

December 2019 Spotlight: Westmoreland Club Book Club

Our December Spotlight Group comes from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania and thinks outside the box!

The Westmoreland Club Book Club was established eleven years ago as apart of an experimental club within a club offered to Westmoreland Club members. I was asked to run the club then, and I remain its leader. We started with a handful of members, only one of which was a gentleman, but eventually we grew to our current membership of 29. Our group consists of all ages, and single, married, or partnered, and 50% of our group are men.

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The October Spotlight Group Is…

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in October 2019 is Mirasol Book Group

October 2019 Spotlight: Mirasol Book Group

Our October Spotlight Group began among neighbors in Florida!

Karen started the Mirasol Book Group in 2004 in the Mirasol community of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The community was new and the group originally was made up of her immediate neighbors. Over the years, some members left and new members joined but most still live in Mirasol. They meet once a month on the last Thursday night of the month at 7:30pm at a member’s home. They rotate the host as well as the discussion leader. The discussion leader gives information about the author as well as presents discussion questions.

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The September Spotlight Group Is…

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in September 2019 is The Page Turners

September 2019 Spotlight: The Page Turners

Our September Spotlight Group celebrates 25 years and awards prizes for their favorite books!

Our group is called The Page Turners, and since we began in 1994, we have turned a lot of them! We are a group of women in our 50s, and we meet monthly (except for June and July) at our members’ homes. We start with a planning weekend every August at a member’s lake house, where we organize our year, play in the lake, eat, and have fun catching up with each other. We each take a month to choose a book and lead the discussion.

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