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The October Spotlight Group Is…

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in October 2019 is Mirasol Book Group

October Spotlight: Mirasol Book Group

Our October Spotlight Group began among neighbors in Florida!

Karen started the Mirasol Book Group in 2004 in the Mirasol community of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The community was new and the group originally was made up of her immediate neighbors. Over the years, some members left and new members joined but most still live in Mirasol. They meet once a month on the last Thursday night of the month at 7:30pm at a member’s home. They rotate the host as well as the discussion leader. The discussion leader gives information about the author as well as presents discussion questions.

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The September Spotlight Group Is…

September Spotlight: The Page Turners

Our September Spotlight Group celebrates 25 years and awards prizes for their favorite books!

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in September 2019 is The Page Turners

Our group is called The Page Turners, and since we began in 1994, we have turned a lot of them! We are a group of women in our 50s, and we meet monthly (except for June and July) at our members’ homes. We start with a planning weekend every August at a member’s lake house, where we organize our year, play in the lake, eat, and have fun catching up with each other. We each take a month to choose a book and lead the discussion.

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The July Spotlight Group Is…

July Spotlight: Reading Between the Wines

The members in our July Spotlight Group, six years strong, met as parents and stayed together as friends!

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in July 2019 is Reading Between the Wines

Here is a photo of our book club at an author visit event for the annual All of Rochester Reads selection. We are ten women who initially came together on the sporting fields, concerts and musicals, and parade routes as parents in the Gates Chili School District in Rochester, New York. Our love of reading and curiosity brought us together, and now friendship keeps us searching for new books and adventures to share.

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The May Spotlight Group Is…

May Spotlight: JCC 39ers

The members in our May Spotlight Group hail from The Sunshine State!

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in May 2019 is JCC 39ers

This is a photo of our book club getting ready to discuss The Girls at 17 Swann Street by Yara Zgheib. We are a group of women ages 65-90+ and meet the first Thursday of each month. We are called the JCC 39ers and meet at the Roth Jewish Community Center in Maitland, Florida. Our discussions are insightful and interesting as we bring to them many years of experience. Our group has been meeting for approximately 10 years,

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Become a Reading Group Choices Spotlight

Become a Reading Group Choices Spotlight!

Each month we feature a different book group from around the world on our website and in our eNewsletter as our Spotlight. We include a picture and description of the group, along with the group’s history, favorite books from the year, and anything that makes their members unique. It’s so fun to hear from the variety of groups that are part of the Reading Group Choices community.

To enter to become a Spotlight group, email a picture and description of your group to If your group is chosen,

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The April Spotlight Group Is…

April Spotlight: Food for Thought

The members in our April 2019 Spotlight Group span the ages!

The Reading Group Choices April 2019 Spotlight Book Group is Food for Thought

Food for Thought has been around since 2008. Typically 12-15 members meet in the Gering Library Community Room once a month to discuss a book.

“We make sure to include the One Book One Nebraska selection every year,” says leader Sherry Preston. Our members range in age from their 30s to their 90s, which makes for great discussions and varied experiences.

To enter to become a Spotlight group, email a picture and description of your group to

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