Organization Custom Club Subscription Program

Reading Group Choices’ Custom Club For Organizations

Reading Group Choices’ Organization Custom Club offers a dedicated recommendation experience for organizations who are interested in strengthening and supporting work and employee culture through reading and discussion. Our expert reviewers will provide your organization with literary works connected to your mission and goals. We can also provide tips and guidance for starting a successful book group at an organization.

How It Works

1. SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to the Organization Custom Club program by emailing us at We will reply with a form for the organization representative to fill out specifying the subscription choice. Cost will depend on the type of subscription, the number of titles requested, and the number of copies of each book, signed or unsigned.

2. SHARE: Once the subscription is confirmed we will send a form for the representative to fill out about the organization’s history and interests, and preferences and goals for initiating a book group for their employees.

3. CONSULT: The reading group or the moderator has a reading consultation with their Custom Club Curator: by email or by phone.

4. CURATE: Our Custom Club Curators carefully hand-pick books to suit the group’s reading taste and goals.

5. RECEIVE: You have options for how you receive your book list and/or books:

  • Booklist-Only: We will send a list of books – the number depends on the number requested and/or number of meetings per year.
  • Full Service: Booklist + copies for each member of the group (the number depends on the number requested and/or number of meetings per year).
  • Supreme Service: Booklist + signed copies for each member of the group + tips for organizing discussion + Skype Chats with available authors.
  • Author Visits: In-person author visits can also be arranged.

Why It Works

The Reading Group Choices Custom Club is popular with organizations who want to strengthen their employee and work culture through literature and discussion. Recent studies show the positive connection that can be generated through discussion in private reading groups and organization settings.

Since we have been recommending books since 1994, we feel confident in finding books that fit your organization’s interests and mission and will promote interesting discussion. Whether you are a small organization with a few employees or a large company with thousands of employees, the recommendations are tailored to reflect your requests. Sometimes you’ll be the first to receive books before they’re published too!