First Lines from the Classics of the Future by Inventive Impostors

By Clive Priddle, Editor
PublicAffairsMay 2009

Trade Paperback144 pages, $15.00, ISBN: 978-0786747818
Subject: Literature / Humor / Inspiration

  1. Which quote was your favorite and why?
  2. What books should be "left alone" (i.e. are too sacred—in your estimation—to adapt)?
  3. Some sequels begin at the end of the original; some are re-imaginations of the original book. What part of a book has more impact to you: the beginning or the end?
  4. Is sequel-writing a good idea?
  5. What "real" sequels do you wish had never been written?
  6. Which sequel caused you to read or want to re-read the original again?
  7. Which book was not represented in this project that you'd like to see sequelled?
  8. What was the last book you read in book club? What would be the first sentence of the sequel to that book?
  9. Is there a book you were forced to read at some point that you'd like to revise in a sequel?
  10. Do you think more of these sequels were written in love or anger?
  11. Are you the kind of person who can read the sequel without reading the original?
  12. The most sequelled books in Book: The Sequel were
    a. The Bible
    b. Moby Dick
    c. Pride and Prejudice
    d. A Tale of Two Cities
    e. The Great Gatsby
    f. Metamorphosis
    g. Harry Potter
    h. Gone With the Wind
    i. Jane Eyre
    j 1984

    What do these books have in common that made their sequels so easily re-imagined?




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