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Book a Day: Reading List & Author Chats

Reading Group Choices Book a Day Reading List and Author Chats

Reading Group Choices introduces its Book a Day program for your reading enjoyment and morale!

We’re posting a new or classic book recommendation each day to boost your book intake, with absorbing reads to occupy and entertain.

Though created by conversations over what a book vitamin might look like during these uncertain times, we also hope it creates a pattern for more reading in the future.

Some of our Book a Day selections feature Facebook Live events with authors. We hope to receive questions from you and encourage interactive conversation.

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Coming of Age in America: Sigh, Gone

Sigh, Gone by Phuc Tran is a coming of age memoir.

Phuc Tran’s memoir Sigh, Gone tells a coming-of-age story through the lens of books, music, and American culture.

During the fall of Saigon in 1975, Phuc Tran’s family evacuates and begins a journey that brings them to the small town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It’s here, in this unfamiliar country, that this coming-of-age memoir begins with a child’s question to his parents. What is his name? Not his Vietnamese name, but his English one? What follows is a vivid, humorous, and raw account of coming to the United States as an immigrant and the long journey of finding his place.

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Books You CAN Judge by Their Cover

Books you can judge by their covers

Books with amazing cover art (whose stories are equally beautiful)…

The old adage ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ has some wisdom, yet readers are often first attracted to a book’s cover when browsing the shelves at a library or bookstore. Covers can tell a reader a lot about a book’s story, but they can also be works of art by themselves. Sometimes, a book with a beautiful story is encased by an equally beautiful cover design—a delight for both the eyes and the mind! Reading Group Choices has selected a list of books with gorgeous covers and beautiful stories to match.

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Rowing North: Lessons on Aging for Women… and Everyone

Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher

Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age, tackles the common but little-discussed topic of aging for women. And has lessons for us all about how to live a good life.

Mary Pipher is the author of several New York Times bestsellers, including books that explore the lives of women and girls, and the unique challenges of youth and aging.

Reviving Ophelia, written while her daughter was a teenager, explored the lives of teenage girls and the stresses and anxieties they face. Originally published in 1994 to great acclaim,

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The March Spotlight Group Is…

The Reading Group Choices Spotlight Book Group in March 2020 is The Dinner and Breakfast Clubs

March 2020 Spotlight: The Dinner & Breakfast Clubs

Our March Spotlight Group members cross borders with a student group!

Portland High School has a student book club as well as a “staffulty” book club.  The students’ group is “The Breakfast Club,” as we meet in the mornings before school.  The staffulty group is “The Dinner Club” since we meet after school.  The staffulty consists of 2 librarians, 12 teachers, 2 guidance counselors, 1 retired principal, 1 retired teacher, and 1 staff member. The librarians take suggestions for what books to read and then compile the reading list for the year.

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Book Group Store Tour: Garden District Book Shop

Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans hosts book groups

Garden District Book Shop | New Orleans, LA

Housed in a building that dates back to 1884, the Garden District Book Shop offers a wide selection of new and used books. They also feature local and regional literature, including signed copies and first editions. What better place to discuss books with other readers?

The store has hosted a book group since 2001, and Reading Group Choices caught up with its current leader, Rayna Nielsen, who works as a bookseller and Social Media Coordinator as well. We asked Rayna how the group decides what to read,

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