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A Feminist Book Group & Bookstore in Paris: Q&A with Lucie Camara

Coven feminist book group and bookstore in paris, france

Meet Lucie Camara, whose feminist book group is the first step to building a community of readers and bringing a new bookstore to Paris.

In a yoga studio on Valentine’s Day, a group of readers came together for the third meeting of COVEN, a feminist book group and larger initiative to bring the only English-language feminist bookstore to Paris. Founder Lucie Camara spoke to Reading Group Choices about her inspiration for the project, her vision for the group, and how to create a safe space for discussion.

Reading Group Choices: How have the first three meetings of the feminist book group differed (if at all) in terms of attendees,

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Reading Plays With Your Book Group

Recommendations for plays to read with your book group

Raise the curtain on adding plays to your book group’s discussions.

Plays might not be an obvious choice for book groups. After all, they’re meant for the stage, surrounded by an audience, right? But reading and discussing a play with your group can open up new ways of thinking about stories and add variety to your regular diet of novels, memoirs, and other prose. (And maybe reveal a secret actress or actor among your members!)

Reading Group Choices is pleased to offer these tips for reading a play with your group.

We’ve also rounded up a selection of titles to choose from,

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Reading Group Choices Tour Dates & Upcoming Events

Reading Group Choices participates in book festivals, partners with bookstores, and hosts events all over the country!

We hope to see you at an event this year! And please share these events with your book-loving friends around the country. We’re always adding more tour dates and new locations so be sure to check back in.

Madhuri Vijay, author of The Far Field
702WI |Madison, WI
Thursday, January 17th @ 7pm

ABA Winter Institute
Albuquerque, New Mexico
January 22 – 25

Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan,

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The March Spotlight Group Is…

March Spotlight: Novel Thoughts

In our March Spotlight Group, everyone takes a turn being the leader!

Our March Spotlight Book Group is Novel Thoughts.We keep our group to 10 readers. We are in our late 60’s and early 70’s, and we meet once a month. Each fall we choose all of our books for the next year, and we always include one classic. Our leader also asks for comments so we can keep improving the group and discussions. We each lead the group once a year. The meetings are fun and creative, and we have a party in December. At the end of each meeting we go around the group and tell something fun that we have done or are going to do.

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Spotlight Special: Paradise Book Group

We feature this special Spotlight story from Peggy Schrader, whose life and the lives of her book group members were profoundly affected by the Camp Fire that ravaged Paradise, California. A special thanks to Peggy, and continued wishes for the solace that a good book can bring.

On November 8, 2018 the little town of Paradise California woke to a bright orange sky. Right away I knew something wasn’t right. By that evening 27,000 people had been evacuated due to what became known as the Camp Fire.

Prior to the fire I was very excited because my book club,

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Adding New Members to Your Book Group

new members

Sometimes the question arises in book groups: Should we keep our current numbers limited, or open up the group to new members? Some members want to introduce someone new, while others want to keep the core intact.

It’s a tricky subject for book groups, and it all depends on your goals. Reading Group Choices offers these thoughts on when and how to decide if opening your group is the best next move.

Reasons for keeping a group closed:

Space limitations
Sometimes groups meet in restaurants, coffee shops, small apartments,

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