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Reading Group Choices Interview with Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart interview for Dear Miss Kopp

Author Amy Stewart discusses Dear Miss Kopp, the latest addition to her bestselling series of historical novels!

For her interview with Reading Group Choices, Amy Stewart talks about how she captures her characters’ voices on the page, her family’s historical connection to the FBI, what Constance Kopp would think about gender equality and law enforcement if transported to our times, and more…

Reading Group Choices: Dear Miss Kopp is an epistolary novel, which is so fitting because letter writing was how so many people kept in touch during WWI.

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Reading Group Choices Interview with Ellen Alpsten

Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten

Author Ellen Alpsten discusses her sweeping novel about the Russian ruler Catherine I, Tsarina.

For her interview with Reading Group Choices, Ellen Alpsten talks about what captured her imagination about Catherine I’s story, Russia past and present, the many sources of research and inspiration, and what’s in store for the sequel…

Reading Group Choices: You mention that you first came across Catherine’s story when you were 13, and knew you had to tell it. Did you have the notion to be a writer that young?

Ellen Alpsten: True – the fascinating story of Catherine I of Russia had never left me,

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Reading Group Choices Interview with Adrien Goetz

Villa of Delirium by Adrien Goetz

Art historian, scholar, and author Adrien Goetz discusses his new novel Villa of Delirium, set in the historic Villa Kérylos on the French Riviera.

For his interview with Reading Group Choices, Adrien Goetz talks about the lure of mysteries, what inspires him at the Louvre, why the past is present (and future), and why useless pursuits are the best ones to follow…

Reading Group Choices: In Villa of Delirium, Achilles returns to Kérylos decades after he left it, in search of a hidden treasure. You’ve also written a series of novels that revolve around art-inspired mysteries.

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Reading Group Choices Interview with Bonnie Tsui

Why We Swim by Bonnie Tsui

Author Bonnie Tsui discusses her new exploration of what draws us into the water, Why We Swim.

For her interview with Reading Group Choices, Tsui talks about lost water arts, equal access to pools, and her dream swimming destination…

Reading Group Choices: There is so much interesting research in this book. What was your research process like?

Bonnie Tsui: Incredibly varied. I dug into historical archives, interviewed paleontologists at their labs, traveled to Japan, Iceland, and elsewhere. I loved every minute of it.

RGC: There are a few central characters and settings: Gudlaugur Fridporsson,

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Reading Group Choices Interview with Ryan Graudin

Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Author Ryan Graudin discusses her YA duology Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood.

For her interview with Reading Group Choices, Graudin talks about the symbolism of wolves, championing the female “Hero’s Quest”, and what history teaches us about racism and injustice…

Reading Group Choices: Did you know from the outset that Wolf by Wolf would have a sequel? If so, why did you know you wanted it to be two books instead of one? And do you have plans to revisit the characters in a third volume?

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Reading Group Choices Interview with Antoine Laurain

Reading Group Choices interview with Antoine Laurain

Author Antoine Laurain discusses his bestselling novels, including The Red Notebook and Vintage 1954, which have gained international appeal.

For his interview with Reading Group Choices, Antoine talks about writing famous figures into his novels, why technology doesn’t make for a good love story, what a stranger would think about his apartment, and his role as ambassador of French charm…

Reading Group Choices: Your books present a diverse variety of characters in terms of gender, age, occupation, social and economic level. Do certain perspectives come to you more naturally or attract you more than others?

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