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Book Group City Tour: Denver

The Reading Group Choices Book Group City Tour visits Denver, Colorado

Reading Group Choices climbs to Denver and the Rocky Mountains for the next stop on our Book Group City Tour!

Most people are familiar with Denver as the “Mile High City,” a great place to visit to eat quality fresh food, explore natural sights, and bask in the near-constant sunshine. But did you know Denver is also home to a lively bookstore and book group scene? This city goes the extra mile when it comes to providing a variety of choices for reading groups. From digital clubs to meetings with acclaimed authors, we give you a run down of where to find other readers up in the mountains.

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Book Group City Tour: Minneapolis

Minneapolis Book Group City Tour

Next stop is the Twin Cities as Reading Group Choices continues our Book Group City Tour in Minneapolis!

The reputation of Minneapolis as a literary hub is well known. Consistently ranked among the most literate cities in the country, boasting a large community of independent publishers like Coffehouse, Milkweed, University of Minnesota Press, Graywolf (and many others), and supported by a lively center for writers and writing, The Loft, which launched its Wordplay literary festival this year… readers have many reasons to feel at home here and in neighboring St.

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Book Group City Tour: New Orleans

New Orleans Book Group City Tour

Reading Group Choices heads south to New Orleans for the latest installment of our Book Group City Tour!

A mythic city known for its jazz, Cajun cuisine, French Quarter and life along the Mississippi, New Orleans is also steeped in literary history. From its annual Tennessee Williams festival to its independent bookshops, the Big Easy offers a sanctuary for readers.

As always, we looked for a variety of ways for readers to connect to book groups and enjoy bookish conversation. Several of the clubs are deeply connected to the city and region that inspires them.

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Book Group City Tour: Chicago

The Reading Group Choices book group city tour travels to Chicago.

Reading Group Choices travels to Chicago for our next Book Group City Tour!

Chicago is known for its architecture, blues and jazz, deep dish pizza, and beautiful lakefront. It’s also fast on the rise as a major literary city, boasting a growing number of author residents and indie bookstores, plus the new American Writers Museum. And it’s a great place for readers to discuss books!

In our continuing Book Group City Tour series, Reading Group Choices strolls the streets of the Windy City in search of the best (and unexpected) places to join a book club.

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Book Group City Tour: San Francisco

Reading Group Choices recommends these places to join a book group in San Francisco

First came Nashville, and now Reading Group Choices travels to San Francisco for our next Book Group City Tour!

Fog, steep hills, the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco is an iconic city. And the same is true when it comes to book culture. The city’s long literary history and diverse mix of cultures means there’s no shortage of places for readers to find a group or club that fits their interests, or to try something new.

We’ve rounded up some options for SF readers to discuss their next great book in good company.

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Book Group City Tour: Nashville


Nashville offers plenty of opportunities for avid readers. Whether you’re a book club veteran interested in a specific genre or a newbie just trying to find a group, Tennessee’s capital has something for you. Take a look at the list below to see how you can get involved in a weekend-long event with book signings, a book club with a writing activity, and more!

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