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Adding New Members to Your Book Group

new members

Sometimes the question arises in book groups: Should we keep our current numbers limited, or open up the group to new members? Some members want to introduce someone new, while others want to keep the core intact.

It’s a tricky subject for book groups, and it all depends on your goals. Reading Group Choices offers these thoughts on when and how to decide if opening your group is the best next move.

Reasons for keeping a group closed:

Space limitations
Sometimes groups meet in restaurants, coffee shops, small apartments,

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(Non-Book) Gifts for Book Lovers

Fill Your Gift List With Book-Loving Cheer

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for readers. They can be particular. They can be finicky about the books they read, the authors they avoid, the editions they like best, whether they prefer hardcovers or paperbacks. And then there’s the most high-risk gamble of all: who knows what they already own or have read?

But not to worry. Reading Group Choices has made it easier to shop for the book lovers in your life this holiday season. We’ve compiled the

suggestions below, from the edible to the wearable,

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Icebreakers for Your Next (or First!) Meeting

IcebreakersMaybe your book group is meeting for the first time, or maybe you’ve had new members join (and others leave), or maybe you just want to inject some fun into your next discussion. Whatever the situation, an icebreaker activity can help!

Icebreakers can put members at ease with one another, making them feel more comfortable expressing their opinions and more likely to respect the comments of others. Plus, a bit of fun and laughter reduces awkwardness and the silences that can sometimes occur, especially at the beginning of a meeting or with new members.

Here’s one idea to get your next (or first!) discussion off to a great start: The Book Group Quiz.

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Book Group Divas

Book groups often bring together a mix of personalities. That’s part of the fun! But sometimes one person, the group “diva,” has a lot to say and makes it difficult for others to participate.

In fact, our recent survey revealed almost 2/3 of reading groups have had a member who has dominated a discussion or prevented others from speaking at some point. Some of the groups let it pass, and the problem went away on its own. But the rest found it necessary to take action so everyone in the group could have fun and participate in the discussions.

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Creative Ideas for Your Reading Group

A New Year Can Bring New (and fun!) Ideas

Add some extra fun to your book club discussions this year by introducing creative and playful spins to your book club approach.

Character StudyThe Queen of the Night - Creative Club Ideas

Dress up as your favorite characters! You can keep it simple by limiting costumes to just one item—a mask for The Queen of The Night or Old West hats for Lady Cop Makes Trouble. You might also want to open the evening with an impersonation game to see what book club member best embodies the book’s protagonist.

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