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Stay Connected With Your Book Group (When You Can’t Meet in Person)

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Don’t let distance stop your book group!

When times prevent us from sitting around with our book group in person, we have to get creative! From online chats to old-fashioned mail, options exist for staying in touch with your members and friends. Reading Group Choices offers these ways to stay connected to your group when you can’t meet in person! (And don’t forget to follow our Book a Day picks on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog to boost your reading morale.)

1. Swap a book

Each member chooses someone from the group,

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Reading Resolutions for the New Year

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With 2020 here, many people are thinking about New Years resolutions. And, if you’re the avid reader we think you are, you might be thinking about some reading resolutions for the new year. Reading Group Choices wants to help! Here are six things you can resolve to do as you read in 2020:

1. Read a book with someone.

Challenge a friend to read a book with you. Whether you meet up to talk about the book after finishing it or you set aside time to read together, this resolution can grow your friendships and check a book or two off of your reading bucket list.

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Santé! Drink Recipes for Book Groups Inspired by the French Revolution

Reading Group Choices offers drink recipes based on the novel Ribbons of Scarlet and the French Revolution

Celebrate wine, cocktails, and reading with these drink recipes inspired by the French Revolution and the new novel Ribbons of Scarlet!

Starting a Revolution

Six celebrated authors of historical fiction—Kate Quinn, Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie, E. Knight, Sophie Perinot, and Heather Webb—joined to create Ribbons of Scarlet, a timely story of the power of women to start a revolution and change the world.

In late eighteenth-century France, women did not have a place in politics. But as the tide of revolution rose,

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How to Organize Your Books: A Guide

Reading Group Choices offers strategies for organizing books

There are certain perennial questions for a book lover: hardcover or paperback? E-reader or print? Write in the margins or never, ever mark a page?

And then there’s the matter of organizing your book collection, open to eternal debate. Genre, color, no scheme at all? Reading Group Choices understands, and we offer a few ideas to help readers arrange that growing home library!

Give Me Function!

When looking at your shelves or piles of books, first decide your goal: Are you frustrated because you can never find that title you’re looking for?

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How to Weed Books: A Guide

Tips for weeding books

A new apartment, a new member of the family, an ever-alarming fire hazard, or just the desire to take stock of what’s exactly in those piles. As difficult (or unthinkable!) as the idea feels, there are good, important reasons for weeding your books.

It’s often difficult, we know. But whether by choice or necessity, the process doesn’t have to be traumatic. Reading Group Choices shares these strategies for de-cluttering your collection: how to decide what to put aside, and then how to make the break with your books!

Ways to Weed


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Why Readers Love Their Book Groups: 2018 Survey Results

Reading Group Choices explores why readers love book groups.

We wanted to find out why readers love their book groups!

Which is why we asked them to tell us in our 2018 RGC survey. The results are in, and they remind us how valuable reading groups are for connecting with others and expanding the way we think. Want to know what readers enjoy most about being in a group? Here are the top reasons, along with their own words…

1. Stretching Boundaries

“Reading books that I would not normally choose on my own.” This positive aspect of book groups appeared time and again in our survey responses.

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