Reading Group Choices partners with publishers, independent bookstores, public libraries, and authors to develop resources to enhance the shared reading group experience.

RGC creates an annual print guide, which is distributed to bookstores, libraries, and directly to book groups. It is available to purchase through the online store. Titles included in the current and previous issues are posted on the website. Each book listing includes discussion questions. The website is updated on the first of each month with new recommendations, contests, and book group ideas. RGC also sends out a free monthly eNewsletter and free biannual book club mailing. Books presented on the website, in the newsletter, and in the print guide have been recommended by book group members, librarians, booksellers, literary agents, publicists, authors, publishers, and our advisory board and staff. The RGC staff reviews all recommendations to ensure the discussibility of each title and to choose titles that encourage lively conversations.

In addition to the print and digital resources, RGC organizes reading group events at independent bookstores, book festivals, and libraries around the country, including the RGC event space, 702WI, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Reading Group Choices has been selecting discussible books for reading groups since 1994. We look forward to recommending titles that will inspire lively discussions for many years to come!