Reading Group Choices Tour Dates & Upcoming Events

Reading Group Choices participates in book festivals, partners with bookstores, and hosts events all over the country!

We hope to see you at an event this year! And please share these events with your book-loving friends around the country. We’re always adding more tour dates and new locations so be sure to check back in.

Madhuri Vijay, author of The Far Field
702WI |Madison, WI
Thursday, January 17th @ 7pm

ABA Winter Institute
Albuquerque, New Mexico
January 22 – 25

Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan, authors of Watch Us Rise and Piecing Me Together
702WI |Madison, WI
Friday, February 15th @ 7pm

Karen Babine, author of All the Wild Hungers in conversation With Sara Dahmen
702WI |Madison, WI
Sunday, February 17th @ 4:30pm

Bee Wonder: A Writing Workshop with Heather Swan, author of Where Honeybees Thrive
702WI |Madison, WI
Saturday, February 23rd @ 11am

Keith O’Brien, author of Fly Girls
702WI |Madison, WI
Tuesday, March 5th @ 7pm

Publishing Workshop with Chloe Benjamin, author of The Immortalists
702WI |Madison, WI
Sunday, March 10th @ 9am

Michael Edmonds, author of Taking Flight: A History of Birds and People in the Heart of America
Special Offsite Event @ Olbrich Botanical Gardens |Madison, WI
Thursday, March 14th @ 6:30pm

Quail Ridge Book Club Bash
Raleigh, North Carolina
Monday, March 25th @ 7pm
Tuesday, March 26th @ 10am

Scott Spoolman, author of Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History
Special Offsite Event @ Olbrich Botanical Gardens |Madison, WI
Wednesday, May 15th @ 6:30pm