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The June Spotlight Group Is…

June 2024 Spotlight: #Bookclub

Our June 2024 Spotlight started this year!

The idea originated from informal conversations with parents and caregivers after library storytimes. It’s tough being a stay-at-home parent. At times there is nobody to talk with, feelings of isolation, and some serious TikTok scrolling. Those organic conversations were the start of a new kind of book club. One that combined trending titles on TikTok and caregivers!

#BookClub is unique because it encourages parents to bring their kiddos. While the adults discuss, the children are given toys and activities. And while this setup leads to interruptions,

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The May Spotlight Group Is…

May 2024 Spotlight: Readers by the River

Our March 2024 Spotlight is celebrating 15+ years together!

Readers By The River started as a group of Friends of the Library in 2001. We currently have 11 members, two of which are Charter members.  We meet monthly in our Municipal Building with a view of the Oswego River on most days. Our members range in age from women in their 60’s to one member who is 91. While most members are native Fultonians we have transplants from NYC and various other places.

We try to include a variety of genres in our monthly selections.

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The April Spotlight Group Is…

April 2024 Spotlight: Girls Reading in Norfolk

Our April 2024 Spotlight is celebrating 15+ years together!

“Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries” -Anne Herbert

Girls Reading in Norfolk (GRINs) have been together for 15-plus years. We gather at our houses by turn each month and enjoy food and drink when we meet. We use our Thanksgiving meeting to share suggested titles for the following year and set it up for book/leader/host for each month. We have been to movies together for our books,

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Our 2023 Favorite Book Survey Winners Are…

Thank you to all of the great readers who filled out our 2023 Favorite Books survey!

Every year, Reading Group Choices surveys book groups and readers to compile our annual list of Favorite Books. And every year we randomly choose winners who receive a gift certificate to their local independent bookstore, copies of our 2023 annual guide, and a literary tote!

Meet our 2023 favorite books survey winners below (and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss the chance to take our 2024 survey!).

Carolyn Merritt Hill County Retreat Book Club
San Antonio,

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The March Spotlight Group Is…

March 2024 Spotlight: City of Brea Book Club

Our March 2024 Spotlight is celebrating eight years together!

I started the book club here at the City of Brea when I began working here in 2016 with a handful of fellow readers as a way to make friends and of course read.  We have grown from a group of 3-4 to a fun, loud, boisterous group of 16.  We typically meet in the employee break room during lunch once a month.  We have tried a few different ways of choosing our next book and have found that genres work best for us. 

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The January Spotlight Group Is…

January 2024 Spotlight: Book Club Girls Sparta

Our January 2024 Spotlight is celebrating five years together!

Book Club Girls Sparta from Sparta, NJ, celebrated a milestone anniversary in November 2023: five years together as a book club! We held our annual celebration out at a local restaurant and continued our tradition of a raffle and gift exchange. All year long we meet and discuss one or two books. During the first three months of the year, we meet on Zoom and often have an author join us.  The rest of the year, one person leads the monthly discussion of their choice of book,

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