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"So Check It: We're Still Literate"

So Check It We're Still Literate Book Club

Officially, we're called "So Check It: We're Still Literate" but usually just refer to the group as the abbreviated version, "SCI." We're five women who went to high school together over ten years ago; we now all live in different cities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and California. But thanks to a shared love of reading and the magic of technology, we've managed to remain close. Since mid-2011, the five of us have taken turns choosing a book that we all agree to read, which we then discuss on a mutually agreeable date 4-6 weeks later via group video chat. Prior to the creation of this group, we only got to see each other on those rare occasions when we all happened to be visiting our hometown at the same time. Now we get to see each other almost monthly, albeit on a computer screen, sharing our thoughts and opinions on the latest SCI book. And thanks to our different styles, we've all expanded our reading horizons, getting exposed to books we never would have picked out for ourselves. We've read Room, Lean In, Consider the Lobster (and Other Essays), Cutting for Stone, and Someone, just to name a few. We don't always agree and at times debate passionately (but respectfully) on the themes of these works. But that's part of what makes it so fun -- and why we're still reading together, 3 years later.





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