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Beyond the Circle: Connecting Your Group To the Community

Being in a book group can mean more than a monthly discussion around a living room or coffee shop table. Some groups have found ways to reach beyond the reading circle to share their love of books and literacy in the community. Curious about how? Here are some creative ideas suggested by our reading groups:

Build a Little Free Library
You’ve seen them in front of houses and businesses, on lawns and street corners—those small, handmade shelters where you can leave and take books. Little Free Library is a nonprofit that provides pre-built libraries,

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The Year of Emily

Emily Dickinson didn’t become a household name in poetry until long after her death, and it seems like the world is trying to catch up with its attention. Given the number of new books, exhibitions, and opportunities out there celebrating the (now) famous poet, this year might be justly called the Year of Emily.

Why the renewed attention? First, because her work is considered masterful, bold for its time in structure and subject. And then there’s her staggering output: over 1800 poems, with fewer than a dozen published during her lifetime. But above all, Dickinson is surrounded in mystery.

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Back To School Books

BACK TO SCHOOL: 13 Books to Get You Back in the Mood for School

This collection of thirteen binge-able books—including novels, long-form reportage, essay, and history—will get you back in the mood for school.

Lit Up: One Reporter. Three Schools. Twenty-Four Books That Can Change Lives By David Denby

Can teenagers be turned on to serious reading? What kind of teachers can do it, and what books? To find out, Denby sat in on a tenth-grade English class in a demanding New York public school for an entire academic year,

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The August Spotlight Group Is …

August Spotlight:
The Night-en-gals

The August Spotlight Group is The Night-en-gals!

The Night-en-gals are a group of 8 nurses/friends that began a book club in January 2001 in Rochester, NY. They all worked together at the hospital and enjoyed talking about all the good books they had read. As of today, they’ve read over 200 books, have no plans to disband the group anytime soon, and look forward to new and exciting selections to choose from.

Four of The Night-en-gals are now retired while the other four continue to work in a nursing capacity.

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Reading Group Choices Tour Dates

Reading Group Choices participates in book festivals, partners with bookstores, and hosts events all over the country!


We hope to see you at an event this year! And please share these events with your book-loving friends around the country. We are always adding more tour dates and new locations so be sure to check back in!

Book Club Bash at Quail Ridge Books
 (Raleigh, NC)
Reading Group Choices & Quail Ridge Books
Monday, August 28th & Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Peter Hellman,

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Our 2016 Favorite Books Winners Are…

Thank you to everyone who filled out our 2016 survey!
We hope you enjoy looking at the 2016 Favorite Books Lists!

The Winners of our survey drawing to win a gift certificate to a local bookstore and a package of RGC-recommended books for your entire group are. . .

Dunes West Book Marks
Charleston, South Carolina

Our group is the Dunes West Book Marks and we have been meeting for seventeen years. We meet one evening a month either at a member’s home or our neighborhood clubhouse.

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