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One of our recommended books is The Long Form by Kate Briggs

From the award-winning author of the book-length essay This Little Art, a debut novel that reaches back to the start of the novel tradition and outward to the complexities of contemporary life.

Kate Brigg’s debut novel–the follow-up to her acclaimed This Little Art–is the story of a young mother, Helen, awake with her baby. Together they are moving through a morning routine that is in one sense entirely ordinary–resting, feeding, pacing. Yet in the closeness of their rented flat, such everyday acts take on epic scope, thoughts and objects made newly alive in the light of their shared attention.

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One of our recommended books is Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself by Dr. Morgan Cutlip

Loving your kids isn’t supposed to mean you completely disappear or get swallowed up by the demands of motherhood.

You want to be a great mother. But how do you care for yourself without neglecting your kids’ needs, feeling overwhelmed by guilt, or succumbing under the pressure to be perfect?

Dr. Morgan–a psychotherapist and relationship expert–has helped over 100,000 moms regain their sanity and prevent burnout through her popular courses, coaching, and social media wisdom. In her debut book, Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself, she offers a proven step-by-step plan that any mom can follow.

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One of our recommended books is Gone Tonight by Sarah Pekkanen

This audiobook is read by actress Kate Mara

Nothing is as it seems in New York Times bestselling author Sarah Pekkanen’s Gone Tonight, a novel about a mother’s secrets to protect her daughter and what happens when they begin to unravel…

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One of our recommended books is Cutting Teeth by Chandler Baker

This audiobook is read by January LaVoy and includes a bonus conversation with the author.

At the Little Academy, mothers fret over their preschoolers, who have developed an unsettling medical syndrome. The children’s odd craving for blood is considered relatively benign (to everyone except their beleaguered moms) until a young teacher is found dead and the only potential witnesses are ten adorable 4-year-olds. Then it becomes clear that the police are looking at the children as not just witnesses, but also suspects…and they’re watching their mothers as well.

Darby, Mary Beth, and Freddie have very different parenting styles,

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One of our recommended books is Black Girls Must Have It All by Jayne Allen

In this final installment in the acclaimed Black Girls Must Die Exhausted trilogy, Tabitha is juggling work, relationships, and a newborn baby—but will she find the happy ending she’s always wanted?

After a whirlwind year, Tabitha Walker’s carefully organized plan to achieve the life she wanted—perfect job, dream husband, and stylish home—has gone off the rails. Her checklist now consists of diapers changed (infinite), showers taken (zero), tears cried (buckets), and hours of sleep (what’s that?).

Don’t get her wrong, Tabby loves her new bundle of joy and motherhood is perhaps the only thing that’s consistent for her these days.

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One of our recommended books is Prize Women by Caroline Lea

The critically acclaimed author of The Glass Woman and The Metal Heart reimagines the shocking story of one of the most controversial contests in history, the Great Stork Derby, in which a millionaire’s death spawns a furious competition for his inheritance.

Toronto, 1926. Knowing that he will die without an heir, childless millionaire Charles Millar leaves behind a controversial will: the recipient of his fortune will be decided in a contest that will become a media sensation and be known as the Great Stork Derby. His money will go to the winner: the woman who bears the most children in the ten years after his death.

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