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Name Inspiration for Your Reading Groups

To Name or Not to Name? It’s not surprising that reading groups find creative ways to describe themselves, and we are the lucky ones who get to hear fun and unique names from around the world.

We know how much effort is put into selecting the perfect name that reflects the character of the group, the history of the group, and the mission of the group. It might even be harder than selecting the books you read! If you haven’t named your group yet, or if you’re just starting your group, we hope you find some inspiration below!

A Play-on-Words
Out on a Tangent
Reading Between the Wines
Readers Dozen
The Crazy Eights
As the Page Turns
Deeply Read
Pandora’s Books
From Left to Write
Off-Track Bookies


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December Spotlight


December’s Spotlight is The Bees!

This is a photo of some of the members of our book group, The Bees. We are from Superior, MT, and we meet weekly in our small local library.

We started our group a few years ago during the libraries Summer Reading Program. We enjoyed each other’s company and sharing the love of books, so we decided to keep going.

In our group we select a genre or author for the month, and we all choose our own selection, then share our thoughts of our book with the group.

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How to Prepare for Discussion

We receive so many suggestions for how to make discussions lively and interesting, and there is an enormous variety! But the one common element from the years of suggestions and experience is: a little preparation goes a long way!

In our annual survey, we ask groups about meeting preparation, and nearly 98% of groups prepare in some way before their meeting (and to be clear – that’s in addition to reading the book!).

We hope some of the ideas below, which come from reading groups worldwide, will help make your discussions even livelier. There are a few unique ideas too that go beyond the last-minute Wikipedia skimming on our phone (it’s okay – we’ve all done it!).

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When to Choose Your Books

Reading Groups tend to be an organized bunch, or there’s at least one of us in the group that is organized and handles the logistics. When to choose books might be a little less confusing than how to choose books, but it’s just as important.

In our annual survey we always ask our groups when they choose books, and we’ve received the same answers each year in the same order: Most groups (by a large majority) choose one book at a time to discuss, and a majority of those groups choose the book at the previous meeting or two meetings in advance.

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November Spotlight

Be Nice and Read

November’s Spotlight is Be Nice and Read a Book!

We are a group of six best friends (including one mother-daughter) that decided to start a book club in March, 2016. Our book club meetings have become the highlight of our month.

We love taking our monthly photo and try to be as creative as we can. LOL! In addition to our monthly meetings we have an annual overnight book club retreat, a tea, a picnic potluck, a dress up dinner party, a Halloween spaghetti dinner, and a Christmas Party. We use any excuse we can to get together and discuss our books. 

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Reading Group Choices’ Little Free Libraries

RGC’s Little Free Libraries

RGC partnered with The Little Free Library Organization on their National Build Day in Madison, Wisconsin in 2015. RGC employees and friends built a library, and then donated two libraries to two communities in Wisconsin.

One of the LFLs is at the family student housing community at the University of Wisconsin. It is located on the path between the student housing community and the K-5 elementary school so there is great foot traffic! It is well used and appreciated by children and parents from all over the world.

RGC received a special donation of books for this LFL from Lee &

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