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Book Clubs Across America: Parnassus Books

Parnassus Books | Nashville, TN

Co-owners novelist Ann Patchett and Karen Hayes at Parnassus Books

You may have already heard of Nashville, Tennessee as a vibrant center for music, arts, and entertainment, but did you know that it is also home to an active book club and bookstore scene? Look no further than Parnassus Books as proof of a richly-populated literary community in Nashville.

Parnassus Books—so named for Mount Parnassus in Greek mythology, which was a center for the arts—has made its home in Nashville since November 2011. Novelist Ann Patchett with publishing representatives Mary Grey James and Karen Hayes began the store after the closing of Nashville’s two large bookstores,

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Reading Group Choices Q&A with Emily Fridlund

Author Emily Fridlund pens her second book, the darkly comic short story collection Catapult
Emily Fridlund

Author Emily Fridlund joined Reading Group Choices at 702WI, RGC’s event center in Madison, to meet fans and read from her new book, Catapult. She kindly took the time to answer a few questions about her formative influences, favorite books, and fictional characters she most identifies with.

Winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, Catapult follows Emily Fridlund’s acclaimed debut novel History of Wolves.

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The Magic Touch

Otherworldly Books

Books With Otherworldly Appeal

Whether you’re looking to be transported to a world full of ogres and demons, or prefer just a surreal touch, there’s a book out there ready to dazzle and delight your imaginative affinities.

Reading Group Choices has compiled a list of books that range from dystopian visions of the future to historical romps with witches and everything in between…including a magical bookshop and a love story spanning space and time. Whether you’re looking to escape daily routine for a moment or are interested in exploring new landscapes, these books can take you as far as you’re willing to go.

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To Every Season There Is a Reader!

Summer ReadsWhat to do with (or without) your group this summer

Vacations, road trips, BBQs, camp for the kids, and long days of sun: Summers can be full. Schedules get thrown off, people leave town, and it’s not always easy to stick to a regular book club meeting. Also, our reading moods can change with the weather, leaving us to crave different types of books than we might read with our group. So what do to?

Reading Group Choices presents some alternative ways to read this summer. Here are six ways to find a balance between your seasonal moods (and calendars) while staying connected with your group!

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Reading Group Choices Interview with Avi

AviAvi talks about war, childhood, and his inspiration for The Button War

In The Button War, master of historical fiction Avi delivers a fierce account of the boys in a war-torn Polish village who are determined to prove themselves with a simple dare that spins disastrously out of control. Reading Group Choices interviewed him about the book, his methodology for writing, and the culture created in his striking novel.

Q: Why did you pick buttons as the object of the boys’ dare in The Button War?

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The July Spotlight Group Is…

Sassy Sisters

July Spotlight: Sassy Sisters

Our July Spotlight Group hails from Granite Bay, California!

Originally known as the Granite Bay Book Club, Sassy Sisters started meeting around January 2000.  They recently decided to call the group “Sassy Sisters” because they’re mostly LDS “sisters” who attend the same church and love to socialize. They meet once a month in a group member’s home and have evolved from having potlucks to eating at a restaurant beforehand or having dessert at the hostess’s home. They read a variety of books, including LDS literature, historical novels, fiction and non-fiction,

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