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Reading Group Choices Tour Dates & Upcoming Events

Reading Group Choices participates in book festivals, partners with bookstores, and hosts events all over the country!

We hope to see you at an event this year! And please share these events with your book-loving friends around the country. We’re always adding more tour dates and new locations so be sure to check back in.


Public Library Association Conference
Reading Group Choices Booth
March 20-24 | Philadelphia, PA

Quail Ridge Book Bash
March 19 & 20 | Raleigh, NC

Reading: Mary Sharratt
Author of Ecstasy


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Reading Group Choices Q&A with Lorna Landvik

Lorna LandvikLorna Landvik is the author of eleven novels.

Landvik’s latest novel, Once in a Blue Moon Lodge, is a sequel to her debut, Patty Jane’s House of Curl.

Lorna Landvik recently visited 702WI, the home of Reading Group Choices, to read and discuss her work with an audience. Lorna also took the time to answer our Q&A and she shared life-changing books, Norwegian curse words, her favorite bookstore, and what she finds most fascinating in the world of science. 

RGC: What book changed your life?​
Lorna Landvik: It would have to be Dick and Jane,

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Fiction, Meet Nonfiction

Perfect Pairings of Cross-Genre Reads

Think of great pairings in the world, such as red wine with steak, hot chocolate with snowstorms, Simon with Garfunkel. Each one alone is fine, but the combination creates something new and different.

The same is true for reading groups. We often limit our book choices to one genre or the other, fiction or nonfiction. But one way to enrich your group’s discussion is to read a novel alongside a work of nonfiction, whether a biography, cultural study, or even the author’s own memoir or journals.

Nonfiction can expand our understanding of a novel: how it fits into an author’s life,

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The February Spotlight Group Is…

February Spotlight:
Morsels for the Mind

The February Spotlight Group is Morsels for the Mind!

This month we’re featuring the book group Morsels for the Mind which has been reading books together for 27 years!

Morsels for the Mind is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They usually select books in January, at a potluck. Each member hosts one of the selections, researches the author, and provides food/drink that ties in with the book. They’ve discussed books in a hot tub, a red tent, and have gone on field trips and retreats together. 

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Reading Group Choices Annual Survey

The 2018 Annual Favorite Books Survey is Now Available!

Each year Reading Group Choices sends out a survey to learn more about you, our readers, and your favorite books from the year. When you enter the survey you are also entered to win a gift certificate to your local bookstore and a package of RGC-recommended books for your entire group. Based on the responses, we create an annual list of the most popular books and highlight the annual survey winners.

You can enter from now until April 1,

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Noteworthy Books of 2017

The best of the best lists have come in…

…and we’ve compiled them here for you! There’s no shortage of “best of” lists in fiction, nonfiction, history, mystery, cooking, and more. The Top 50, Dazzling Dozen, Notable 100. Lists are everywhere. And with so many books from 2017, it would take all of 2018 to catch up.

At Reading Group Choices, we’ve done a bit of work for you. Below are ten titles we recommended this year that also appeared on another (or two, or many!) top lists. Some have already received attention, while others may have more attention yet to come.

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