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Public Book Group Round-Up: Milwaukee

Looking for a new book group to reinvigorate your love of literature? If you live in Milwaukee, you’re in luck, as the city has much to offer in the way of creative literary programming. Listen to a professor expound on a book’s literary merits, dine on themed meals and desserts, explore the Milwaukee Public Museum’s exhibits through books, or learn about urban engineering and the leading voices in the field from our book group round-up of Brew City.

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Reading Group Choices Q&A with Shawn Francis Peters

The Infamous Harry Hayward

Shawn Francis Peters writes a heart-pounding account of the “Minneapolis Monster” in his newest book

Shawn Francis Peters recently visited Verona Public Library in Wisconsin to read and discuss his work with an audience. Shawn also kindly took the time to answer our Q&A after he shared part of his book.

702WI: What book changed your life?​
Shawn Peters: When I was in high school in Baltimore in the 1980s, I read Truman Capote’s classic true-crime book In Cold Blood. I couldn’t believe it!

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Reading Group Choices Q&A with Michael Perry

Michael Perry

Memoirist, humorist, singer-songwriter: Michael Perry is a man of many talents

Michael Perry recently visited 702WI, the home of Reading Group Choices, to read and discuss his work with an audience. Michael also kindly took the time to answer our Q&A after he shared part of his memoir. His latest book—Danger, Man Working—draws on 15 years of writing.

702WI: What book changed your life?​
Michael Perry: When I was in third grade our family received a box of secondhand clothes.

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The June Spotlight Groups Are…

June Spotlights:
Fresh Fiction and Page Turners

Our June Spotlight Groups both meet at Hillside Library in New Hyde Park, New York!

Fresh Fiction Book GroupFresh Fiction readers discuss recently published novels every month.  The name of the group also refers to new perspectives of seasoned authors, such as Amanda Quick’s recent foray into historical fiction, as well as unique emerging voices, like Rhiannon Navin’s Only Child.  They discuss everything from twisty psychological thrillers to adventure stories, plus more mysterious mystical tales, mysteries, and historical fiction.  Readers ask and answer questions,

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Crimes of the “Art”

Lost manuscripts, stolen paintings, forged masterpieces. Crimes of the “art” are a perennial favorite, and we love to take part in them as readers.

Perhaps a love of books makes us fascinated by mysteries and crimes that involve books themselves. Perhaps we all dream of finding the never-before-seen novel, or discovering that our thrift-store canvas is actually worth millions…

Reading Group Choices has assembled a list of reads that focus on literary and artistic crimes. Stories of black markets and priceless treasures, great fakes and people who may not be who they seem. They raise good questions about what’s real and what isn’t,

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RGC Authors Featured on TTBOOK

Interviews With RGC-Recommended Authors on TTBOOK

TTBOOKTo The Best of Our Knowledge (TTBOOK), a Wisconsin Public Radio show, has featured a host of RGC Authors who’ve come to town to read at our home base, 702WI.

Go deeper in the world of each book and the creative process of each author by reading articles about the authors and listening as host Anne Strainchamps conducts insightful interviews.

Animals Strike Curious Poses

Animals Strike Curious Poses
by Elena Passarello

Read “

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