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In this 17th century novel of Julia Older’s Isles of Shoals Trilogy, young Thom Taylor is cast onto the lawless Isles off the New England coast. He falls hopelessly in love with Master Babb’s saucy Barbadoes servant Pru. Just when he gains his freedom, Thom is sent on a forced march, survives an Indian massacre, stands trial with a witch, and escapes pirates Quelch and Kidd. Outwitting mutinous sailors hunting for gold, he returns to the Shoals and Pru. Thom’s determined struggles bring him independence, prosperity and the family he yearns for as he and adolescent America come of age.

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 Meet Emily Ross, thirty years old, married to her college sweetheart, and personal advocate for cake at breakfast time.

Meet Emily’s husband, Kevin, a sweet technical writer with a passion for small appliances and a teary weakness for Little Women.

Enter David, a sexy young reporter with longish floppy hair and the kind of face Emily feels the weird impulse to lick.

In this captivating novel of marriage and friendship, Lauren Fox explores the baffling human heart and the dangers of getting what you wish for.

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 On a stifling Christmas Eve in 1967 the lives of the McDonald children-Deborah, Robert, James, and Meredith-changed forever. Their mother, Rosemarie, told them she was running out to buy some lights for the tree. She never came back. The children were left with their father, and a gnawing question: why had their mother abandoned them?

Over the years, the four siblings have become practiced in concealing their pain, remaining close into adulthood, and forming their own families. But long-closed wounds are reopened when a chance encounter brings James face-to-face with Rosemarie after nearly forty years.

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 Topping the best-seller charts in Britain and published to much acclaim in the United States, The Perfect Summer chronicles a glorious English summer a century ago when the world was on the cusp of irrevocable change. That summer of 1911 a new king was crowned and the aristocracy was at play, bounding from one house party to the next. To a charity ball where the other girls came dressed as virginal white swans, the striking debutante Lady Diana Manners made a late appearance as a black swan. The Ballets Russes arrived in London for the first time and people swarmed to Covent Garden to see Nijinsky’s gravity-defying leaps.

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“”Now we’re just alike.”” So begins Fiona and Patricia’s friendship that warm autumn morning in first grade in Lake Charles, Louisiana, their bond forged ever closer by Fiona’s abusive mother and Patricia’s neglectful one. Their relationship is a source of continuity and strength through their move to L.A. to become actresses; through Fiona’s marriage and Patricia’s sudden fame. When husband and career pressures exact a toll, the women wonder if their friendship can survive. Then a dark secret from their past emerges, threatening to destroy not only their bond, but all they’ve worked for as well.

The Safety of Secrets is a beautifully written exploration of the bonds forged in childhood and challenged decades later,

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 In this delicious new novel, Tatiana Boncompagni creates a heroine everyone will love . . . and no one will ever forget.

As Lily Bartholomew navigates kiddie birthday parties starring chart-topping entertainment, society dinner-dances where any woman larger than a size 2 can barely stand to show her Botoxed face, and vacations to exclusive hideaways with the mother-in-law from hell, she constantly wonders, “On what planet have I landed?”

After all, she’s just a down-to-earth gal from suburbia who felt as if she’d landed in the middle of a fairy tale when she married Robert.

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