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August Spotlight

August’s Spotlight is The Red Tent Book Club!

We are The Red Tent Book Club. We are named after the first book we read for discussion. We’ve been together for 14 years. We started as a bunch of new moms who had quit our jobs to stay home with our new babies, but we desperately needed to have some girlfriend night out time. Now most of our kids are in high school and we’re back at work, but we still get together every month to discuss a book and catch up on each other’s busy lives.

We take turns picking a book and then hosting the group. There are 12 of us. In our picture we are enjoying a Kite Runner themed dinner – we try to match the food with what is mentioned in the book. We have lots of fun and enjoy dressing up to match the book as well. Each year we manage to have one author we’ve read stop by as a guest for our book club – usually a local Wisconsin author.