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The August Spotlight Group Is…

August 2023 Spotlight: NDP Alumnae Book Club


Our August 2023 Spotlight is keeping tradition alive with decades of alumni!


All members attended Notre Dame Prep high school in Towson, MD, and we range as graduates from graduation years 1972-2018! We are continually growing. We now have 35 members!!! We meet at our Alma Mater!

Here’s a recent picture from earlier this year. After we posted this picture, we gained more than 20 new members! We love to welcome new people into our group, and we love the age range – from 20s to 70s!  The perspective of the different ages brings so much to the club.

Our group meets every 2 months. In July, we read 2 books, Mad Honey and Remarkably Bright Creatures. In September, we are reading The Precious Jules, and the author will join us. Our final selection for 2023 is Lessons in Chemistry and we will discuss this in November.


All of our Spotlight Groups receive a box of books for discussion! Sourcebooks will be sending the members of the NDP Alumnae Book Club free copies of these great titles:

One Summer in Savannah by Terah Shelton Harris
The Radcliffe Ladies’ Reading Club by Julia Bryan Thomas
Behold the Monster by Jillian Lauren
Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves by Quinn Connor

To enter to become an RGC Spotlight group, email a picture and description of your group to