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The April Spotlight Group Is…

April 2024 Spotlight: Girls Reading in Norfolk

Our April 2024 Spotlight is celebrating 15+ years together!

“Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries” -Anne Herbert

Girls Reading in Norfolk (GRINs) have been together for 15-plus years. We gather at our houses by turn each month and enjoy food and drink when we meet. We use our Thanksgiving meeting to share suggested titles for the following year and set it up for book/leader/host for each month. We have been to movies together for our books, and we hosted Zoom meeting during Covid’s worst time. We have shared the joy of various weddings, grandchildren, career changes, retirements, and many celebrations through the years. Of course we have helped each other through sorrows and health issues over the years as well. We have shared a list of ALL of our selected books with others. We have a few librarians, teachers, a counselor, and a member in the medical field. We have grown together over the fiction and nonfiction books we discuss. We pretty much know each other’s favorite subjects by now and thoroughly enjoy the friendly way we take each other out of our comfort zones for some selections.

Our group has been together so long that we have shared the challenges and treasures of parenting, and now grandparenting. We have supported each other through serious illnesses and good health. We all worked at one point in time and now many are in retirement. We have had a long and ‘storied’ history ourselves and continue to share all of life’s ups and downs together the way we share an eclectic array or books and authors.

-Elizabeth Woodard, GRIN Member

Some of their titles to discuss this year:

Fever in the Heartland by Timothy Egan

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See

Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

The Last Lifeboat by Hazel Gaynor

Trust by Hernan Diaz

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow By Gabrielle Zevin

The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson

Disobedience By Naomi Alderman

Delicious by Ruth Reichl

All of our Spotlight Groups receive a box of books for discussion! St. Martin’s Press will be sending the members of Girl’s Reading in Norfolk copies of  Weyward by Emilia Hart, Maame by Jessica George , and Diva by Daisy Goodwin.

To enter to become an RGC Spotlight group, email a picture and description of your group to