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April Spotlight

April’s Spotlight is…

We’ve never thought to name our book club, but that actually suits us perfectly. While most of us have met each other through our monthly meetings, we now consider ourselves just a big group of girlfriends, first and foremost.

There are two rules that we follow: we only read female authors and we each have to bring a bottle of wine (under $10). As we discuss the book, we do a blind tasting and whoever gets the most votes gets a small, cute prize.

Most of us have moved to Austin over the past several years, and don’t have much family in the area or a large support network. We’ve taken on this role for each other, celebrating big life moments together — engagements, promotions, big travels, weddings, pregnancies. It’s amazing to see what one group of women can do, and we’re so excited to see what life has in store of all of us over the next few years.

One thing we do know for sure though. It will definitely include a lot of books, wine and laughter.