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December Spotlight

December’s Spotlight is The Bees!

SpotlightThis is a photo of some of the members of our book group, The Bees. We are from Superior, MT, and we meet weekly in our small local library.

We started our group a few years ago during the libraries Summer Reading Program. We enjoyed each other’s company and sharing the love of books, so we decided to keep going.

In our group we select a genre or author for the month, and we all choose our own selection, then share our thoughts of our book with the group. This review lets each person decide if they would like to read that book or not. We love our format!

The name The Bees comes from Author Susan Wiggs book, The Bee Keepers Ball. I wrote to Susan and requested she donate 10 copies to our library for us to read together, and she did! So we all read the book, and had our own “Ball”, making all the luscious recipes featured in the book. I then sent prints to Susan, along with a thank you note. The rest is history! Susan and her husband Jerry invited our group to visit them at their home on Bainbridge Island! The 8 in the photo above made the trip in Oct 2014. When Susan asked our groups name, I said, “The Bees!”. It was a wonderful trip.

To top this off, Susan and Jerry visited us in Superior this past August on her book tour for Family Tree, her latest novel. She spoke to a large gathering, and signed books. She’s amazing!