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Literary Trick-or-Treat Locations & Pals

What if we could trick-or-treat at houses in our favorite books? What if we could trick-or-treat with our favorite characters?


Literary Trick-or-Treat Locations

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Grand Hotel

The Ocean at the End of the Lane
: We’d tip toe down the lane, a little unsure what would be waiting for us – a treat or a trick.

Grand Hotel: One stop shopping! This hotel is filled with curious and interesting guests, and we’d make sure to go to each and every room.


The Storied Life of AJ FikryThe Little Paris Bookshop
The Storied Life of AJ Fikry
and The Little Paris Bookshop: Who wouldn’t want to trick or treat at Island Books or at Monsieur Perdu’s floating shop? We hope they’d give out books for treats.



Good Night Mr Wodehouse
Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse: Nell’s house just sounds so cozy! We think she’s either the full-size candy bar house, or she still gives out homemade Rice Krispy balls tied with a paper ribbon featuring a hand-written spooky haiku.



Literary Trick-or-Treat Pals

Wonder WomenThe Other Einstein
Mitza from The Other Einstein and everyone from Wonder Women
: Mitza’s genius would come in handy when creating our map for the evening, and we can definitely get ideas from all of the Wonder Women of the past, and invite the Wonder Women of the present.


Wolf by WolfBlood for Blood
Yael from
Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood: Yael’s bravery and cleverness would be helpful as we traverse the dark evening. Oh, and her skin-shifting skills might be important too…



VangoA Prince Without a Kingdom
Vango from Vango and A Prince Without a Kingdom: Vango can scale buildings, hide in shadows, and basically fly. It seems like he’d be pretty fun to trick-or-treat with all over the world.