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Tips for Author Skype Chats

A Few Tips for Successful Author Skype Chats!

1. Prepare questions for the author in advance of your meeting. You can use your own questions, and consider questions from Reading Group Choices and other sources too.

2. Meet 30 minutes prior to the Skype Chat so you can get set-up and comfortable, and ask each other any last minute questions.

3. You can choose to have a moderator with a loud clear voice handle the questions, or you can take turns asking questions. You’ll know what will work best for your group! It’s important everyone feels like they have a chance to ask a question, whether that’s through one group member or individually. If each member asks a question, make sure you plan your order ahead of time so people don’t talk at the same time or get missed.

4. Provide an introduction of your group at the beginning. Have one person share your group’s name, where you’re from, how many members you have, how long you have been together, and any other short piece of information that might be interesting or relevant to know. If each member asks a question, each member can say his/her name before speaking. That helps provide a little more personal connection even though it’s long distance!

5. Consider leaving time after the Skype Chat to talk about the experience and what you learned on the call. Maybe have a snack during this time too – a dessert debriefing!

6. Most importantly, have fun! And don’t get stage fright! The authors are likely just as nervous as you might be!