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Readers Answer Why They Love Book Groups

Readers Love Book Group

Our Readers’ 2017 RGC Survey Results Are In!

Why do RGC readers love book groups so much? We were curious, so we asked you in our annual survey. Check out the reasons why book lovers across the country love gathering and gabbing about their favorite books.



1. Camaraderie, Friendship, & The People!

Many of our readers reported how much they love getting together with similarly book-obsessed friends not only to discuss books but also share social time, food, and—of course—wine.

2. Different Perspectives

Whether it’s reading a memoir set in another country, digging in to a novel rife with historical details, or learning about a new scientific development, the book club crowd is drawn to expanding their worldview, learning about new perspectives, and understanding people from all walks of life.

3. Discussion

Discussions about meaningful issues that get your intellectual juices flowing can be hard to come by…but not in a book group. Our readers enjoy the diversity of opinions that lead to insightful and sometimes even spirited conversation.

4. Exposure to books I wouldn’t normally choose for myself

Our readers love being pushed out of their comfort zones and toward books that they might not pick on their own. Book club friends ensure that you’ll never get stuck in a reading rut and might even find a new favorite you never expected, like a heart-stoping thriller, a novel set behind the Iron Curtain, or a memoir about joining the circus.

5. Learning new things

Eternally curious, our book group members are voracious readers and thinkers. You love book group because you’re a lifelong learner and want to keep discovering new things no matter what your age.